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Workers wanted to boost food and fibre production

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NSW Farmers’ Association, Media Release, 2 July 2022

NSW Farmers President James Jackson says Australians looking for work should consider a career in agriculture.

There were almost half a million job vacancies across the country, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which Mr Jackson said was holding back productivity.

Getting out of your comfort zone and embracing a new career in rural and regional Australia was a “no-brainer”, he said.

“We have a little over half a million people who say they’re jobless, and a little under half a million job vacancies in this country,” Mr Jackson said.

“Throughout the pandemic agricultural businesses have been desperate to get workers and there are some really great opportunities to build a solid future out here.

“With food prices and availability being a big concern for many households, working in the farming sector is a great way to earn a living and do something positive for the country.”

From casual opportunities to get involved in seasonal picking and food production through to long term careers in cropping, dairy, shearing and agronomy, Mr Jackson said agriculture was just waiting for the right people to come along.

“Shearers can earn fantastic money and young people getting into that career are setting themselves up for the future, earning more than they could pulling beers or pouring coffees,” Mr Jackson said.

“Agriculture is growing and changing – technology is playing an increasingly important role from data, to robotics, and remote sensing – these are exciting technologies where life imitates the game console.

“Anyone who wants to do something a little hands on will find ample opportunities to earn a good living in agriculture.”


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