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Loads of incentives for the vaccinated

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Vaccination incentive
Too deadly: Baleshwae Shaema and Stephanie Parlow show off the shirts
Photo: Catherine Grimley

Catherine Grimley, Tennant & District Times

With the COVID-19 outbreak facing communities around Katherine and Robinson River, Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation has ramped up its mobile vaccination clinic in the Barkly in order to keep the community safe.

Vaccination incentive
Gifts galore: Rhianna Ashton and Simon Johnstone with the gift basket up for grabs. Photo: Catherine Grimley

This week the van has been parked and set up in Peko Park from 9am till 12pm on Wednesday and Thursday, with the number of people requesting the vaccine being a constant and steady addition to the number of community members vaxxed.

Vaccine incentive
Nida Deegan receiving her first dose.
Photo: Catherine Grimley.

Those who get vaccinated get the latest in fashion statements, with everyone getting a deadly red shirt that shows who is leading the way keeping the community safe, as well as phone credit and a ticket in a weekly draw for a gift basket.

For those who get their second vaccine, a $25 IGA voucher is available.

The mobile clinic van will be in Peko Park from 9am till 12pm again this morning for anyone who wishes to protect themselves and the community.

Tennant & District Times 26 November 2021

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 26 November 2021.



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