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Corella culling begins

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Gabrielle Duykers, Naracoorte Community News

Local council will begin its annual shooting of corellas throughout the district this month in an attempt to mitigate damage caused by the species. 

A pair of corellas feeding. Photo: supplied

At its October meeting, Naracoorte Lucindale Council moved to begin its Little Corella Management Program 2021-22 which will extend to April 2022.

Council said the bird species had caused “significant problems” in the Naracoorte township over the years, particularly around the Naracoorte Swimming Lake, Wortley Oval, and Memorial Parklands where the birds are attracted to the native habitat.

In 2019, Little Corellas caused extensive damage to the Naracoorte Cricket Oval after they dug up grass, tore up soil, and chewed through the pitch.  

The species have also been known to cause other environmental and economic damages by stripping the leaves off native and ornamental trees, damaging tarpaulins covering grain bunkers, taking grain from newly-seeded paddocks, and general noise disturbance for residents. 

Council said it had tried numerous methods to manage the little corella problem in recent years, including bird-scaring devices, lasers, fake birds, and shooting to deter them from being in and around Naracoorte. 

However, shooting had proved to be the “preferred and most effective” method of control to reduce numbers.

While the little corella is a native bird species, it is listed as unprotected in South Australia. 

Selective shooting will occur throughout the 2021-2022 summer season in the Naracoorte township if little corellas become established in the area. 

It will be performed by qualified shooters, and will generally occur either early in the morning or evening. 

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Naracoorte Community News 17 November 2021

This article appeared in Naracoorte Community News, 17 November 2021.



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