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GRASPS railing to save Glenreagh Station

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Glenreagh Station
The Glenreagh Rail and Station Preservation Society (GRASPS) fear the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) will soon demolish the Glenreagh Railway Station Precinct after the site was recently fenced off and signs hung up to warn people not to enter. Photo: Emma Pritchard

Emma Pritchard, Clarence Valley Independent

Members of the Glenreagh Rail and Station Preservation Society (GRASPS) fear a historic building they have been campaigning to save and restore for many years will soon be demolished.

Concern for the future of the 106-year-old Glenreagh Railway Station Precinct was heightened this week after GRASPS learned the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) had recently visited the site and fenced it off.

Treasurer of GRASPS David Murray was horrified by the proceedings and firmly believes ARTC are planning to demolish the site.

Concerned GRASPS members gathered outside the main entrance on November 8 and were relieved that no demolition work had taken place.

The community group confirmed their commitment to saving and restoring the historic building.

ARTC later released a statement citing safety concerns as the reason for the fences being erected on site.

An ARTC spokesperson also revealed access points will be boarded up in the coming weeks as an interim safety measure while further engineering reports are undertaken.

“This measure will prevent trespasses from entering the buildings and ensure the safety of the rail corridor,” they said.

“ARTC is seeking to limit the risk associated with these buildings including asbestos contamination, self-harm incidents and trespassers entering the rail corridor while we consider the next steps.  

“ARTC appreciates the community interest in these buildings and the importance of rail heritage whilst minimising safety risks for the community, rail staff and rail passengers.”

The spokesperson said ARTC does not have any immediate plans to demolish Glenreagh Railway Station and the company will continue to update the community as plans progress.

Clarence Valley Independent 10 November 2021

This article appeared in the Clarence Valley Independent, 10 November 2021.



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