Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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Kookaburra, ARR.News
Kookaburra, ARR.News
Kookaburra is a debonair master of the treeverse whose flights of fancy cover topics ranging from the highs of art and film to the lows of politics and the law. Kookaburra's ever watchful beady eyes seek out even the smallest worms of insight for your intellectual degustation!

Kookaburra is appalled as Australia sinks into a state of fascism. Because, that is what it is. Handing over the management of a health problem to the police as has taken place in New South Wales is criminal. It is a crime against democracy. It is a crime against our citizenry. Calling in the army on top of that is outrageous. It is utterly unacceptable. Such impositions on our liberties should be met with the full force of our argument. We must strive to preserve the values in which we believe including personal liberty, freedom of speech, due process and the rule of law.

It is clear that our governments have lost control of something which they naively believed they could control. A virus! Did any of our leaders attend science classes? The less control they have of their own malformed strategies the more they seek to control us.

The incoherent ramblings of the Premier (what a misnoma) of Western Australia demanding that New South Wales “crush and kill the virus, that’s what every other state has done” is nothing short of the dribbling discourse of a maniac. Mark, FYI, you cannot kill a virus and, by the way, “all the other states”, including yours, have not “killed” the virus.

Meantime, the Prime Minister, who should have had the intestinal fortitude to stand up against this rubbish, sits there in a daze in his version of consensus, his unconstitutional ‘National Cabinet’ (which is not a cabinet, by the way), directing traffic and often jay-walking away from traffic. His epitaph ‘Here lies Sco Mo – the Prime Minister who oversaw the greatest public policy failure in Australia’s history’.

Has anyone been looking at overseas experience? It seems not. Is it because we have banned ourselves from travelling overseas and we have exiled Australians overseas to remain there indefinitely? That always physical isolation has now turned into an intellectual isolation.

Isolated communities often conjur up myths and fantasies. Australia has created the myth of ‘Zero Covid’. Like the quest for the Holy Grail, Zero Covid will never be realised. Despite the religious fervour with which it is pursued, Covid will be always with us.

So, let us look at some overseas literature and commentary whilst we can, before the Covid fascists determine that such literature is banned ‘for our protection’.

First, the lead scientist on the Astra Zeneca vaccine – you know, the one we were all told to take, then told not to take, and now must take, yes, that one:


Second, Prof. John P.A. Ioannidis talk on “Covid-19 epidemiology: risks, measures, and ending the pandemic”:


Third, a US political commentator interviewing Adam Creighton of ‘The Australian’, now based in Washington :


Now people, get a grip and gird your loins for the real pandemic – the pandemic of officials of a faceless, irresponsible and unresponsive police state determining your daily movements and peering into your every action – ‘for your own good’.

Requiescat in pace Australia.


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