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Boabs branding binds ties

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Shire of Derby/ West Kimberly, Media Release, 20 July 2021

Eye catching Boabs are a unique feature of our Kimberley backyard, and are now part of the branding of both the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley (SDWK) and RAAF Base Curtin.

13SQN RAAF Curtin Boabs badge. Photo: Shire of Derby/West Kimberley

The Shire of Derby/West Kimberley was recently presented with the new patches from members from RAAF Curtin over morning tea with Shire staff and President.

Shire President Geoff Haerewa said he was impressed with the design and will proudly wear the new Curtin RAAF design.

The successful concept, which has just been approved by Air Force Head Quarters, was to create a patch which uses the Boab as its emblem, as is used in the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley’s logo.

Adam Cornish, Flight Sergeant and RAAF Curtin Site Manager – No 13 Squadron, said the subject of Curtin’s identity has been discussed a number of times this year as they were trying to find a way to identify as both members of 13SQN, while still showing our continued ties to the Kimberley region.

“The colours used are a combination of the 13SQN colours (black and red) and the Shire colours,” Flight Sergeant Cornish said.

“The idea of our own patch was not to set us apart from our Squadron; but rather to include the Kimberley, and in particular the Shire of Derby West Kimberley (SDWK), as part of our identity.

“I believe this design is a great combination, identifying us as 13SQN Curtin while visually showing our tie to country. It would not have been possible without the initiative of CPL Mitchell Petty as he was the one that took it off his own bat to design the patch,  this couldn’t have happened without him!”

The concept was initially presented to their Commanding Officer, Wing Commander Andrew Anthony in Darwin, and with his endorsement, then sent to Air Force Head Quarters for approval.

CPL Petty has been in the RAAF for 10 years and was posted to Curtin in February this year with his wife, where he moved to take up a Mechanic position, and make the most of the opportunity of moving to the Kimberley.


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