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Rural Aid delivers hay to Narromine farmers fighting the mouse plague

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Rural Aid Australia, Media Release, 24 June 2021

Australia’s leading rural charity Rural Aid has today delivered hay to farmers battling the ongoing mouse plague. 

Two road trains carrying 144 bales of hay arrived in Narromine this morning.  

Narromine hay drop
Photo: Rural Aid Australia

Rural Aid CEO John Warlters said most farmers receiving the hay had their stockpiles decimated by mice.  

“Mice have caused significant mental and financial heartache, especially in the Central West of New South Wales,” Mr Warlters said.  

“Entire sheds of hay have been reduced to unusable piles of toxic straw, that farmers are forced to burn. Grain has been eaten from the ground it was planted in, and homesteads over run.” 

“It really is a living nightmare for our resilient farmers,” Mr Warlters said.  

Narromine farmer Scott Richardson said it’s been a draining year. 

“I loaded up my shed with hay, but I’ve already burnt hundreds of bales so far. And I can’t even pick up the rest of it. The mice have destroyed it,” Mr Richardson said.  

“We’ve just come out of drought and we try to be self-sufficient. This hay drop will go a long way to helping with that.” 

Earlier this week, Rural Aid committed $1 million to support farmers during the ongoing mouse plague. 

Primary producers who’ve been affected by the mouse plague can access a special $1000 emergency payment from the new fund.  

“The money can be spent on whatever will help the farmers get back on their feet,” Mr Warlters said.  

“Some farmers will spend the money on new linen, others will spend it on a new fridge or more baits.” 

To find out more about the mouse plague fund, or to check eligibility, visit 


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