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From NSW farms to the UK

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NSW Farmers Association, Media Release, 16 June 2021

Farmers in NSW will benefit from the ‘in-principle’ trade deal between Australia and one of its oldest trading partners. 

A new dawn. Photo: Maksym Diachenko on Unsplash

The proposed deal with the United Kingdom includes the introduction of Ag Visa for UK backpackers and tariff and quota free access for a range of produce grown in NSW. 

NSW Farmers President James Jackson said the development of Ag Visas for workers from the UK and ten ASEAN nations as part of the trade deal is welcome news. 

“It appears that working holiday makers from the UK will no longer be required to work on farms before being eligible to extend their stay,” Mr Jackson said.  

“This potentially could inspire an increase in backpacker numbers post international border restrictions, considering UK backpackers made up around 25% of working holiday makers extending their stay into a second year.”  

“This might be good news in the longer term for harvest and skilled labour, but it will not address the immediate need for farm workers in NSW.”  

Beef tariffs and sheepmeat tariffs will be eliminated after 10 years, sugar tariffs eliminated over eight years and dairy tariffs will be removed over five years. Rice growers will receive immediate duty free access for short and medium grain milled rice when the agreement enters in force.

“These are all important agricultural industries in NSW that support a lot of regional communities. Our friends in the UK will benefit from having more access to the best produce in the world.”

“The UK is not a huge market for the agricultural sector, but now there is a real opportunity to diversify our export market potential.”  


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