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Diehard cyclist ‘doing it because I can’

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Cyclist Peter Stuart
Atherton cyclist Peter Stuart is a one-man show on the PDR and plans to ride all the way to the Tip of Cape York, via Lockhart River. Stop and say g’day. Photo: Matt Nicholls.

The things you see while driving in the Cape.

This is Peter Stuart, an Atherton man on a mission.

He’s riding all the way to the Tip of Cape York and for no particular reason.

“I’m doing it because I can,” he told Cape York Weekly just on the other side of Musgrave Roadhouse last week, heading towards Coen.

The 75-year-old said he had already ridden to the Tip, but did it in a convoy that had support vehicles carrying his gear.

“This time I’m doing it on my own and I’m loving it thus far,” he said with a smile.

Peter urged motorists travelling on the roads to slow down a little when they spot him to reduce dust and increase safety.

“So far, you’re the only one that has pulled over and said hello and had a chat,” he said.

“I’m going to head to Lockhart River and Iron Range and then come across Frenchman’s and head north.

“It’s not a hard ride; the road is pretty flat.”

Cape York Weekly 24 May 2021

This article appeared in Cape York Weekly, 24 May 2021.


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