Thursday, May 26, 2022

Matt Nicholls, Cape York Weekly


Entsch slams critics, vows to see out the whole term

Warren Entsch says he has no intention of pulling the pin early and will see out his ninth and final term in parliament ... “I have kept just about every single promise I have made in politics and I will see out the full duration of this term ... It was a respectful campaign from Labor but they sensed their chance and put a lot more work in this time around.”

Election should be a wake-up call for AEC

The Australian Electoral Commission either needs more funding or it needs a kick up the backside. This year’s federal election saw the removal of two major polling booths in Cape York, while another was nearly lost at the last minute due to a lack of staffing ... It’s a disgrace that two communities the size of Aurukun and Napranum did not have a polling booth on Saturday.

Great Wheelbarrow Race returns in style

One of the Far North’s popular events returned on the weekend as the Great Wheelbarrow Race was run and won. Now in its 19th year, the three-day race was proposed to inject cash and visitors into small towns like Almaden, Dimbulah, Chillagoe and Mutchilba.

Politics plagues housing funding

More than 50 new homes will be built in Cape York communities to address major overcrowding issues, but the state government has taken all the credit, despite using federal funding. Not for the first time, the health and wellbeing of Queensland’s most remote and vulnerable residents has been politicised.

Councils vote to keep road open

Cook Shire Council briefed leaders on a move by Australia Zoo and Terri Irwin to seek the closure of the gazetted Bertiehaugh Road which traverses through part of the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve ... The council representatives had a busy agenda in Cooktown. Mayor Peter Scott said the TCICA gatherings were a highlight on the calendar.

Teenager eyes 5000k club by conquering major trail

Fewer than 50 people have made it all the way from Cooktown to Healesville since the Bicentennial National Trail opened in 1988. Rob Wylie managed to make it from Cooktown to Tamworth when he attempted it 25 years ago, but daughter Libby is aiming to make it all the way to Victoria – likely sometime next year.

The devil is in the detail – still a lengthy wait for Lockhart River

Lockhart River won’t see a fix to their telecommunications for at least a year, although the wait could be even longer. Despite last week’s announcement that Telstra would be awarded $3.5 million to improve the mobile phone networks in Lockhart River, Seisia and Cooktown, there is no plan in place to make it happen.

Housing tops agenda at regional TCICA meeting

TCICA chair and Kowanyama mayor Robbie Sands said that at least $1 billion was needed over the next decade in the Cape and Torres Strait to address housing shortages. “Both major parties have been silent on new Indigenous housing in remote communities, ignoring the fact that our people are facing entirely preventable diseases like rheumatic heart disease because of severe overcrowding,” he said.