Thursday, September 29, 2022

Matt Nicholls, Cape York Weekly


Traditional Owners likely to take over Coen facility

The state government appears likely to hand the keys to the Cape York Biosecurity Centre to local Traditional Owners, with no plans to keep a permanent biosecurity presence. Cape York Weekly can reveal the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has been in talks with the Cape York Land Council about giving the facility to Traditional Owners when it shuts down, which could be in a matter of months.

Local hero bows out a champion

Cliffy Pearson retired from rodeo in fine style on Saturday night, taking top points in the open saddle bronc in front of adoring fans at the Hope Vale Bulls and Broncs event. The win was bittersweet for Pearson, who dedicated it in honour of Roxanne Hart, who passed away recently.

Croc clickbait is dangerous, says business owner

Samuel Davis. A man who has experienced one too many encounters with crocs in Cape York has blasted the publisher of a “dangerous” video that shows the apex predator being fed out of the side of a boat. In a 12-second clip posted to Facebook, a saltwater croc snatches a fish tossed at its snout by fishermen as the vessel nears a muddy mangrove.

Biosecurity blunder – Coen facility faces the chop from state govt

Growers and graziers are angry their livelihoods could be placed at risk after the state government said it was reviewing the future of the Cape York Biosecurity Centre. “They should be looking at opening it 24 hours, not shutting it down”: Merluna Station’s Cameron MacLean ... “It’s absolute insanity if they close it. It would be madness”: Warren Entsch, Member for Leichhardt.

Could these hydropanels be a game changer in Cape?

A pilot program in Mapoon has implemented climate-resilient drinking water technology. The council has partnered with Source Global to deliver a resilient, sustainable, and off-grid drinking water solution for locals. Ten hydropanels were installed behind the new cultural centre to make clean, safe drinking water.

Local knowledge key to success

Sarah Martin. The Bloomfield bushman who found a missing hiker after four days in dense rainforest near Home Rule said she was exactly where he expected her to be. Amos Dick has spent a lifetime walking the mountainous jungle around Rossville and his hometown of Bloomfield and said he and fellow rescuer Jeremy Edwards found Juliana Castrillon at the spot they had pinpointed before starting their search.

The Queen comes to Cooktown: locals look back on HRM’s visit

Matt Nicholls, Sarah Martin, Samuel Davis. Just 450 people lived in Cooktown when Queen Elizabeth II sailed in on April 22, 1970. It was actually quicker for Her Majesty to travel by sea than road back then, such was the state of the road. Accompanied by His Royal Highness, the late Prince Philip, and their daughter Princess Anne, there was a buzz in the air when the Brittania appeared in the Endeavour River.

Jardine no more – national park renamed after major handback

Samuel Davis. The legacy of one of Cape York’s most controversial figures is being revisited following a major land handback to traditional owners. Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk returned more than 362,000 hectares to the Gudang/Yadhaykenu, Atambaya and Angkamuthi (Seven Rivers) peoples at Injinoo last week. As part of the agreement, Jardine River National Park has been renamed Apudthama National Park.