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Chinatown’s multicultural heritage and stunning environment showcased in public art

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Shire of Broome, Media Release, 13 May 2021

Source : Broome Shire Council

As Stage Two of the Chinatown Revitalisation Project progresses, the Broome community will start to see the installation of several public artworks to enliven the streets of our town.

The Shire of Broome has worked closely with community representatives and local Broome artists to integrate over a dozen artworks into the historic Chinatown precinct, inspired by the rich heritage and culture of Broome.

With visitor numbers increasing, Broome’s significant Public Art collection contributes to the town’s reputation as a vibrant, creative and innovative town.

Shire deputy president Desiree Male said statement works such as ‘Fusion’ draw in visitors and become unique attractions.

Source : Broome Shire Council

“The public art we now have enriches our public space and helps us to celebrate our saltwater environment and multicultural community,” she said.

“The work Fusion really brings all those influences together and it makes a truly magnificent entry statement as you drive into town. It’s a landmark piece that we can all be proud of.

“We were very lucky to work with Safehaven Studios on Fusion. They are highly qualified and experienced at working with communities all over WA to develop unique artworks.

“Alex and Nicole Mickle had ongoing conversations with countless people over the last few years and have sensitively incorporated so many elements into this one piece.”

Alex Mickle of Safehaven Studios said the Fusion work incorporated many elements of Broome’s history and heritage.

“Fusion ties together influences from Broome’s pearling industry; it’s a strong open shape that is reminiscent of a pearl shell, or a boat hull,” he said.

“At its peak is a shape influenced by a ‘Shou’ character that also references the moon rising and the spectacular Broome tides, connecting earth and sky.”

The Revitalisation program is improving the streetscapes, increasing the liveability of our town and creating a drawcard for visitors to explore.

It has been undertaken in two stages over the last three years and the full extent of the ambitious public artwork program is now apparent.

Source : Broome Shire Council

From the custom-designs incorporated into the street lighting and street furniture to the standalone pieces, stories of Broome’s environment and community are aligned with themes of the streets of Chinatown to showcase the heritage and culture of the town.

The public art collection will be supported by the ‘Explore Broome” free mobile App that is currently in development. The new App will encompass self-guided trails and information for key precincts in Broome including Chinatown.

As part of that, a fascinating Chinatown Art and Heritage Walking Trail will be available, offering insights and stories for those who want to discover more about the history, culture and people of Broome.


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