Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Three tiers of Govt sign to show it’s still a Deal!

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Three tiers of govt officials
Photo: Tennant & District Times

Marking the second anniversary of the signing of Australia’s first ever regional deal – all three tiers of government joined to show their recommitment to the Barkly Regional Deal.

Federal Minister Nola Marino, Minister Selena Uibo and Barkly Mayor Jeffrey McLaughlin (pictured) signed a Statement of Recommitment at the Council Chambers to make a clear commitment to working together with the community, continue to seek input from the local community, business leaders, youth and investors, and support Aboriginal leadership in the region.

A spokesperson for the Barkly Regional Deal Backbone Team said since the Deal was signed back in 2019, the local community has much to be proud of.

“The Deal is bringing 28 economic, social and culture and place-making initiatives to the Barkly,” she said.

Tennant & Dsitrict Times 30 April 2021

“It is as much about the delivery of these 28 projects as it is about fostering new, collaborative, inclusive way of working.”

This article appeared in the Tennant & District Times, 30 April 2021.


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