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Rod Run hailed a spectacular event

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Nicholas Rupolo, Narrandera Argus

Narrandera’s first major COVID-Safe event has passed with flying colours and organisers deeming the 2021 Easter Rod Run as a spectacular weekend.

Organiser Steve Alldrick has applauded visitors and rodders for supporting the 36th annual Narrandera Rod Run and helping the local community and its businesses thrive.

The event was boosted by the State Government’s announcement that outdoor restrictions had been lifted.

Rod Run top local car
Colin Pettigrew, Narrandera, had his FC Holden voted as the Top Ride. Photo: Alan Anderson.

The Narrandera Sportsground was packed to capacity with 5000 attendees and 325 vehicles for the Show n’ Shine on Easter Sunday.

“Our entrants were absolutely blown away,” Alldrick said.

“On Monday at 10am the government lifted outdoor restrictions so another 2000 Eventbrite registrations were done by Thursday for the free event.

“We broke even money wise, but it’s not about profit, we just want to cover costs after we lost money last year with the event unable to be staged due to COVID restrictions.

“All food outlets and all venues in town were either over-run with customers or booked out.

“Our entrants were encouraged to book ahead for food venues and businesses were able to cater for the additional crowds.

“Some places had been booked out for over a month and everyone spent a lot of money in town and we had all the places in town sponsor and look after us.”

Easter Saturday night was also a special occasion for the town and rodders.

Given the event organisers along with the Narrandera Council couldn’t close off the road for the lapping the main down East Street, rod entrants lined up and lit up the streets with a spectacular unofficial drive.

“Everyone was well-behaved and Saturday night went great. We were stressed because we had no control but we were blown away and rapt with the police presence, working with the afternoon and pm shifts to create a great outcome,” Alldrick said.

“The event organisers couldn’t officially run it because we couldn’t cap numbers in the street for COVID restrictions and numbers, but we knew people would go up and down the street regardless. We just had to support it the best way we can, for a non-event.

“We want to thank all the people that did the right thing and registered their details, all 325 entrants that pre-planned and got a ticket beforehand for the events and all the public that registered details.

“I want to thank the Narrandera community and Council and all the people that co-operated with government regulations.

“On Friday we had a pool party with entrants soaking up the refurbishment of the pool facilities and entertainment by Itchy Fingers. We thank Troy and Cinta for their hospitality.

“Entrants enjoyed lunch and refreshments at the pool.”

Mr Alldrick said the sportsground was an ideal COVID-Safe fenced venue with spotless amenities and bins.

“Lastly, we extend our thanks to the entire town, from sponsors, Council staff and businesses down to individuals, for making this event the success it was,” he said.

“People have already re-booked for 2022 and we are planning a big celebration for 50 years of rodding in Narrandera in 2023.”

Rod Run winners on Sunday were:

Top hot rod- Jake Hardy, green 32 Ford coupe

Top custom- Ken Hill, 49 Mercury

Top Ride- Colin Pettigrew, FC Holden

Narrandera Argus 8 April 2021

Top Cruiser- Nikki Menzies, T model Tourer.

This article appeared in the Narrandera Argus, 8 April 2021.


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