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Nero and his fiddle?

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Kookaburra, ARR.News
Kookaburra, ARR.News
Kookaburra is a debonair master of the treeverse whose flights of fancy cover topics ranging from the highs of art and film to the lows of politics and the law. Kookaburra's ever watchful beady eyes seek out even the smallest worms of insight for your intellectual degustation!

Kookaburra has seen reports that Michael Hintze’s private company, MH Premium Farms, is in the process of expanding its Australian holdings through the acquisition of the historic south-west Victorian property, Minjah, for about $36 million.

See:Historic western VIC property sale underway to MH Premium Farms, Property Central, February 17, 2021.

Minjah Homestead, Source : Victorian Heritage Database

Hintze is the Chief Executive of his own hedge fund, the London based CQS.

Kookaburra wonders how this potential new farm investment will sit in the minds of investors in CQS’s Directional Opportunities fund, which lost 33 percent of its value in March 2020 and a further 17 percent in April 2020, or the reportedly 50 staff who lost their jobs.

2020 was a bleak year for CQS which saw assets shrink by $3 billion in the short term.

See: Billionaire Hintze’s Hedge Fund Rocked by Pandemic Losses, Bloomberg, June 3, 2020 and Famed Hedge Fund Firm CQS Is Surviving —But Not Because of Its Hedge Funds, Institutional Investor, February 11, 2021 ).


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