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Ernie Mayo, The Lord Howe Island Signal

January Golf Update

Lord Howe Island golf course
Lord Howe Island Golf Course
Photo: The Lord Howe Island Signal
LHI Golf January winners
Photo: LHI Signal

Phil Crombie Memorial 9 hole Ambrose
Winners – Jackson, Jake and Aiden
2nd – Jim, Nathan and Evan
Last – Tama, Dan, Vince

Thank you to the Crombie family for ongoing sponsorship for this event which is into its 34th year!

January Monthly Mug
Peter Riddle 60net

‘Mug of Mugs’ Neil Turk Shield/ Turkey Cup
N.T.P. 0 2/11 Ernie, 3/12 Ernie, 4/13 Jim, 6/15 Rodney, 8/17 Tim Wilson
Winner – Anthony Riddle 60net
2nd Ernie 60net (count back)

Thank you to the Turk family for another 10 years of sponsorship.

Friday 15th Chicken Run
N.T.P. – 2/11 Dave Grimes, 3/12 Ed Rourke, 6/15 Tim Wilson, 8/17 Betty
1st Ernie 27pts
2nd Jim Mcfadyen 25pts
3rd Ed Rourke 24pts

Lord Howe Island Signal 31 January 2021

Friday 22nd Chicken Run
N.T.P. – 2/11 Ed Rourke, 3/12 Dave Grimes, 4/13 Dave Grimes, 6/15 Betty
1st Ed Rourke 28pts
2nd Anthony Riddle 26pts
3rd Ernie 24pts

This article appeared in The Lord Howe Island Signal, 31 January 2021.



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