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I am farmer, hear me raw

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“It takes guts to talk to someone about how you’re feeling … just as it takes guts to get your clothes off in public.”

This is the premise of The Naked Farmer social media movement where farmers – men and women – across the country take their gear off to support mental health.

The movement’s founder, Ben Brooksby from western Victoria, started posting pictures of farmers in the buff on Instagram in 2017.

The Naked Farmer - Richmond River Independent
Baring all: Kyogle’s Zoe Kook bares all to highlight mental health. Photo: Contributed.

Kyogle’s Zoe Kook joined the naked farmers, posting a photo of her nude self in a paddock.

“Stop worrying, stop panicking nothing good can come from expecting the worst. The way you’re feeling lost and alone, it’s normal!” she wrote.

“We all go through it.

“Breathe. You’re going to be okay.

“You’re going to figure it out. You always do.

“Think back to every time you felt like this and how you pushed past it.

“You’ve survived everything else you’re a fighter, warrior, a champion you’ll survive this too. Breathe. Breathe.”

Richmond River Independent, 4 November 2020

Zoe said the movement was about having the courage to know you’re not alone.

The Naked Farmer 2021 calendar is available for $21.95 at the website

This article appeared in the Richmond River Independent, 4 November 2020.


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