Friday, July 19, 2024

Built to thrill: Yarrila Place wins industry acclaim

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City of Coffs Harbour, Media Release, 11 July 2024

City of Coffs Harbour’s cutting-edge community building Yarrila Place has won construction industry acclaim, with the builders recognised for their part in the exceptional project at the Master Builders’ Association NSW Northern Region Awards.  

Lipman, the commercial builders, won Best use of tiles, Best use of brick, Public Buildings over $50 million, and the esteemed title of Commercial Builder of the Year at the prestigious awards.  

 Yarrila Place has pushed construction boundaries, and the finished facility has now proudly cemented itself as a home for cultural and civic services in the heart of the City. 

“The ambitious construction of Yarrila Place heralded the cultural renaissance of the Coffs Harbour community and boldly cemented its status as a contemporary, global city.,” City of Coffs Harbour General Manager Natalia Cowley said. 

“Yarrila breaks the norms which is fitting for a City that is built different and is particularly relevant for a society which is evolving so it can drive Australia forward. It’s not often that a facility can instigate a change of gear for society itself, but in this intentionally crafted situation, the gear change has led to societal lift-off.” 

With its flowing lines, Yarrila Place was a unique build that brought plenty of curve balls. 

“The building of Yarrila Place represents a harmonious blend of technical complexity, functionality and aesthetics. We are proud to have been part of this extraordinary project that shapes the future of the City,” Lipman CEO Rob MacKee said. 

“The complexity of the construction tested our skills and expertise, showcasing the talent, dedication and commitment of the entire team enlisted to design and deliver the project” 

“The technical challenges in this building are many. Not the least of which is the striking green facade with multiple cantilevers, and an array of curves in both horizontal and vertical planes.” 

Yarrila Place has rapidly become a hub for art, culture and innovation, since its opening by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on 16 September 2023. 

The Master Builders’ Awards highlight the collective effort of visionary architects, engineers and builders. 


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