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AgZero – The Power Shift: WA Farmers

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Transitioning Farm Communities to Renewables.

WA Farmers, Media Release, 21 May 2024

Tickets are officially on sale for The Power Shift: Transitioning Farm Communities to Renewables.

The agricultural sector needs to recognise the opportunities in renewables and manage the risks and challenges. To do this, we must be well informed and armed with knowledge of what is already happening and what lies ahead.

Supported by Western Power and Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, AgZero 2030 is bringing together a range of quality speakers to cover all topics of the energy transition and how it impacts farms, agriculture and our communities.

Presentations are set to include:

  • Electrifying the farm and rural communities
    Mike Casey, Rewiring Aotearoa, Chief Executive Officer
    Rewiring Aotearoa is a group of New Zealand leaders who work within the climate, energy, policy, data and storytelling space. By combining research, communication and demonstration, Rewiring Aotearoa will accelerate climate action and transform the energy system to benefit all New Zealanders.
  • Developing and operating small-scale wind energy projects in WA 
    Matthew Rosser, BlairFox, Director
    Since 2010, Blair Fox has been building and operating wind farms integrated into agricultural operations in Western Australia. The energy produced by these wind farms is typically used on the farm, with any excess energy exported to the Western Power network. Using second-hand wind turbines, Blair Fox has dismantled, refurbished, and installed about 50 turbines across five wind farms.
  • Integrating standalone power systems with electric vehicles
    Ty Henning, Tek Ag, Precision Agriculture Specialist 
    Explore the fusion of standalone power systems with electric vehicles in rural areas. Discover the benefits, challenges, and practicalities of deploying EV charging infrastructure powered by standalone systems. From technological considerations to socio-economic impacts, uncover the future of sustainable transportation in rural communities.
  • Panel: Transitioning our Communities
    Chaired by Simon Wallwork, AgZero2030, Chairman
    Featuring five experienced speakers, this panel will delve into what the energy transition means for agricultural regions, exploring the tangible changes it brings and how communities can leverage these shifts to their advantage. From embracing renewable energy sources to implementing sustainable practices, speakers will discuss strategies for harnessing the opportunities presented by the energy transition while effectively managing the associated risks.
    Click here to purchase your tickets. The full agenda can be found on the event page.


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