Friday, April 19, 2024

“Delay 3G shutdown” after inquiry established: Roberts

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The Hon. Malcolm Roberts, One Nation Senator (Qld), Media Release, 27 March 2024

The Senate has voted in favour of a One Nation motion establishing an inquiry into the looming 3G mobile network shutdown.

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts said telecommunications companies must delay the 3G shutdown until the inquiry concludes:

‘Australians across the country are still relying on the 3G network in life-or-death situations and it is too early to have this essential service turned off.

‘I’m calling on Telstra, Optus and TPG to stop their 3G shutdown until this inquiry hands down its findings at the earliest.

‘Vital medical alarms, farm infrastructure, small business EFTPOS machines and regional Australians are completely reliant on the 3G network.

‘This inquiry will allow the Senate to fully investigate the consequences of shutting down the 3G network before Australians are ready.

‘Revelations like the fact that 740,000 4G mobile phones will be unable to call Triple Zero after the shutdown prove Australia is not ready and the consequences are not fully understood.

‘The telcos must delay their plans to shut down the 3G network until we can be assured Australians are ready to make the switch.’


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