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Patient waiting times worrying

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Public waiting times for life-saving treatments at regional hospitals like Naracoorte are “creating real anxieties.”

That’s the word from Shadow Minister for Regional Health Services Penny Pratt, who says it is concerning that people are losing confidence in country health systems.

“It is concerning that we are seeing a rising trend in uncertainty and a lack of confidence in our country health systems when it comes to waiting times for life-saving services like ready access to doctors, hospital beds, and ambulances,” Ms Pratt told The [Naracoorte Community] News.

She said the failure of the State Labour Government to deliver on its promise to fix ramping in the city is spilling over into the regions and creating real anxieties, particularly for elderly and isolated patients.

“Residents of Naracoorte and districts should expect to have better access to specialists closer to home.

“When it comes to workforce planning in health, it is clear that much more needs to be done by the Malinauskas government to attract, recruit, and retain more doctors.

“Our border communities are exposed to the lucrative incentives being offered by the Victorian Government, with as much as $201 million on offer for allied health professionals to leave SA and move interstate.

“We are being outflanked by every state to the east and west when it comes to investing in our doctors and nurses, and Minister Picton needs to change that immediately.”

The Naracoorte News 28 February 2024

This article appeared in the Naracoorte Community News.

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