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2024 Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council

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Hindmarsh Shire Council announced the 2024 Youth Councillors with a certificate presentation on Friday 9 February 2024 at the Dimboola Library.

The Youth Council leadership and team-building weekend retreat with Bonnie from Youth Leadership Academy Australia got underway after the certificate presentation. Every Youth Councillor who attended the retreat took a great effort to ensure that they were able to learn from, participate in, and benefit from each activity. A lot of the Youth Councillors gained confidence and personality in just two short days, and it will be exciting to watch how much more these young people grow and transform into the young leaders they have chosen to be. The youth councillors made great use of the Wimmera River by swimming whenever they had the chance to enjoy the sunny weather over the weekend.

Using a powerful telescope called Celeste, the Youth Council was able to view stars, planets, the moon, galaxies, and nebulae during Dr. Toby Potter’s presentation on the night sky on Saturday night. What they witnessed fascinated and astounded the youth council members, and some of them were so curious that they asked Toby countless questions – theories, myths, conspiracies, and all.

The 2024 Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council is made up of six returning members and seven new members.

The Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council for 2024 is: Alissa Trenery, Bailee White, Chelsea Elliot, Cooper Stasinowsky, Eh Ku Taw, Eli Badua, Eliza Clarke, Liam Campbell, Lilly Williams, Messi Ehdohpaw, Mia O’dwyer, Taylor Hauselberger, Plot Nyo.

Cr Ireland said, “On behalf of Council, I would like to wish the 2024 Youth Council well, and hope that they thoroughly enjoy their time and make great memories.”

Nhill Free Press & Kaniva Times 14 February 2024

This article appeared in the Nhill Free Press & Kaniva Times, 14 February 2024.


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