Wednesday, February 28, 2024

AICRAFT and GoMicro partner on utilising AI solutions in agriculture

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AICRAFT, Media Release, 12 February 2024

South Australian artificial intelligence (AI) company AICRAFT and deep tech company GoMicro have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to utilise AICRAFT’s low-power, compact, high-performance edge computing systems for powering GoMicro’s AI assessment solutions for agriculture and other industrial in-machine applications.

AICRAFT will work with GoMicro and its designated agricultural partners to integrate edge computing solutions for a wide variety of applications for GoMicro’s customers.

The project will leverage from AICRAFT’s world-class computing solutions for space and industrial applications which are particularly suitable for withstanding harsh, high-temperature, high-vibration conditions found in agriculture and mining.

The first application of the partnership will be for the real-time quality assessment of grains as they are offloaded from trucks into silos. This technology will soon enable farmers and buyers to assess the quality of the entire truck or ship more reliably – instead of relying on representative samples.

An initial protype is scheduled to be tested by Walco Seed Cleaners based in Halbury South Australia by end of the month.

AICRAFT’s CEO Dr Tony Scoleri commented, “We are extremely excited about this partnership with GoMicro, especially that we have already ported and successfully demonstrated GoMicro’s AI model for grain quality control working on a self-powered portable device. This type of practical AI at the edge will drive efficiency by reducing waste and enhancing productivity and sustainability.”

GoMicro’s CEO/Founder Dr Sivam Krish said, “The fusion of AI and edge computing will de-risk the entire agricultural value chain by removing the unreliability of manual sampling and the subjectivity of manual quality assessment.


AICRAFT designs and manufactures low-power smart computing systems with artificial intelligence and machine learning capability for space and industrial applications. Their innovative products enable real-time Big Data processing for immediate decision making, longer operational uptime and extended system lifespan. This allows high performance computing levels to be achieved onboard platforms rather than using typical IT infrastructure. Learn more at

About GoMicro

GoMicro is a deep tech company developing cutting-edge AI assessment technologies based on its patent-pending imaging technology. It has already built and deploy defect assessment apps for wheat, lentils, corn and soy, with customers using it in Australia, India and Indonesia. The use of generative AI technology enables the company to build high accuracy AI applications that are set to surpass human capabilities in speed, reliability and cost. Learn more at


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