Monday, February 26, 2024

Reckless Renewables Rally: PRA

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Property Rights Australia (PRA), Media Release, 6 February 2024

The Reckless Renewables Rally brought to together 116 regional community groups with a message for Federal politicians to suspend their reckless rollout of unreliable, unaffordable, and environmentally destructive wind, solar, and high-voltage transmission lines. ‘I was honoured to speak at the rally for people who have been socially impacted by the government’s energy policy’ Chairman of Property Rights Australia (PRA) Jim Willmott.

‘People living in our cities are being deceived. Rural and regional communities are being socially fractured, divided up and hollowed out by our own government and their energy corporation’s working in unison with home grown renewables zealots and foreign renewable energy company carpetbaggers.’

Rural and regional communities are experiencing:

  • Treating our communities like pawns standing in the way of their renewable project targets;
  • Fractured cohesion and spirit and suspicion amongst our communities;
  • Increased depression, anxiety, relationship breakdowns from stress;
  • Loss of property value, loss of amenity of a rural lifestyle;
  • Local environmental values disregarded;
  • Treating communities with utter contempt, no dignity or respect; and
  • Promised community benefit not realised.

‘My role at the rally was simple, to put the Federal government on notice. We need a Federal Senate Inquiry to give a voice to the communities most impacted by the rush to reckless renewables.’

‘Canberra politicians say 100 per cent renewables however as I stand in front of the Australian Parliament, I see no wind turbines on the hills or solar panels in the open fields. Why, because they know the impacts,’ said Mr Willmott.


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