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Voluntary home buy-back progress in Lockyer Valley: Neumann, Miles

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The Hon. Shayne Neumann, Federal Member for Blair, The Hon. Steven Miles, Deputy Premier of Queensland, Joint Media Release, 8 December 2023

Relocation, demolition and site rectification works are powering ahead on Lockyer Valley properties purchased under the Voluntary Home Buy-Back (VHBB) program by the Albanese and Palaszczuk Governments.

21 contracts of sale have now been settled in the Lockyer Valley, with more to come, allowing families to move on with their lives out of high-risk flood zones.

The program, designed to support those hit hardest by the 2021-2022 south-east Queensland floods, is a jointly funded initiative delivered through Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA), as part of the $741 million Resilient Homes Fund.

In the Lockyer Valley, under the VHBB program, to date there have been:

  • 33 valuation inspections undertaken
  • 30 offers presented
  • 24 offers accepted
  • 21 contracts settled.

For more information on the Resilient Homes Fund, visit www.qld.gov.au/housing/buying-owning-home/financial-help-concessions/resilient-homes-fund

Quotes attributable to Federal Member for Blair Shayne Neumann:

“The purchase of flood impacted, high-risk Lockyer Valley properties is making the community more flood resilient,” Mr Neumann said.

“The Voluntary Home Buy-Back program has enabled people in high-impact flood areas to relocate and rebuild on safer ground in the same way many homes were rebuilt or relocated from Grantham following the 2011 floods.

“By moving people out of harm’s way we can help prevent future property damage and the personal hardships we’ve seen occur from recent disaster events.

“The Albanese and Palaszczuk Governments are continuing to work with local communities to help those eligible leave flood-prone areas and move forward with their lives.”

Quotes attributable to Deputy Premier Steven Miles:

“It’s great to know that 21 homeowners and their families have now moved out of their flood-impacted properties, free from the risk of future flooding,” Mr Miles said.

“In total, more than 600 homeowners have accepted life-changing offers under the Voluntary Home Buy-Back program.

“Following homeowner agreement for buy-back, the Voluntary Home Buy-Back program funds respective councils to purchase the land, with all homes purchased under the program demolished or removed.

“The land is then re-zoned to an appropriate, non-occupied use such as green space, meaning the land won’t be occupied again and no one else will suffer the devastating impacts of flooding on that property.”

Quotes attributable to Lockyer Valley Regional Council Mayor Cr Tanya Milligan:

“Council acted quickly once the Queensland Reconstruction Authority identified properties to be bought back under the VHBB program, with demolition works now progressing steadily,” Mayor Milligan said.

“This is great news as those families in vulnerable areas have capitalised on the opportunity to move away from these high-risk locations.

“The land will be rezoned to a non-occupiable use, which brings it in line with council’s new (draft) Lockyer Valley Planning Scheme that prevents any future high-risk use from occurring on these highly vulnerable sites.

“Our intention is to see this land repurposed for agricultural use rather than sit vacant and require ongoing maintenance for no real value to the community.”


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