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The future is bright and nuclear: McArthur

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The Hon. Beverley McArthur, Member for Western Victoria, Media Release, 28 November 2023

The Victorian Labor Government voted against a private member’s bill seeking to repeal the prohibition on nuclear energy activities.

Member for Western Victoria, Bev McArthur, spoke in support of the bill stating that the future is nuclear.

“Nuclear energy is the cheapest and most reliable zero-emission clean energy source of minimal impact.

“We must lift the ban on nuclear energy, not only provide energy relief in this cost-of-living crisis, but to create monumental investment and job opportunities in Victoria worth billions of dollars.”

The repeal of Victorian legislation banning nuclear energy would provide critical support to the rare-earth and critical minerals industry, AUKUS and the defence industry, and the Australian space industry.

Mrs McArthur said, “There are exciting opportunities that Victorians are missing out on because Labor continues to bury their heads in the sand.

“We must correct the out-of-date, cold war mentality that nuclear is something to be feared.”

There are 436 nuclear reactors in operation in 32 countries across the world. In 2022 nuclear energy accounted for 62.6 per cent of France’s total electricity production and 35 per cent in Finland. Both countries have recorded the lowest electricity prices in Europe.

As of June 2023 there are 57 nuclear reactors under construction worldwide and 21 are under construction in China. France announced plans to build six new reactors and to consider building a further eight.

“It is totally hypocritical to reject nuclear energy” Mrs McArthur said.

“For heaven’s sake, we export uranium. If it is so evil, so awful, so unconscionable, how dare we export it?”

“I am energy technology agnostic.

“We need to increase supply in this country, not reduce it.

“You lot have reduced energy supply in this country, and you are dependent on one source.

“Open your minds to the variety of sources that are available.”

The Legislative Council rejected the Nuclear Activities (Prohibitions) Repeal Bill 2023 by 22 votes to 16.


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