Thursday, October 5, 2023

Blackbutt Annual Show, 20 May 2023

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Blackbutt Show Society

We have a Blue Light Disco at the Town Hall Friday night for the children along with a Open Mic Night and BBQ and bar at the Show ground to kick start a great weekend.

The show society subsides all rides to the cost of $5.00 per ride to make the show affordable for families.

We have also just secured a Mobile Laser Skirmish arena for the teenagers to keep entertained on the day.

The committee has been working hard to make this a great Show as the last 3 years we have not had a Show, due to COVID and last year we were washed out.

We have a great line up for our Wood Chop event with most of the Chopperoos attending.

The Pavilion is ready to be filled with all of our local produce, cooking and craft.  The cattle arena is looking fantastic, and the centre arena is ready for the horses.  We also have dogs and poultry coming.

We have FMC Kaos entertaining us through the day, finishing with a spectacular display at 7.00pm that night and the Fireworks are set to go off at 8.00am.

For the first time this year, we can offer camping for anyone that wishes to make it a great weekend and not worry about the hassle of travelling back and forward to the show.


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