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Narrandera’s own Jordan Bryon wins British Academy film award

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Jordan Bryon has won a British Academy Film Award for the documentary ‘Children of The Taliban’.

The documentary follows the lives of four children growing up in Kabul under Taliban rule and was recognised for the unique story telling as well as for its cinematography.

According to proud mum Barbara Bryon of Narrandera Jordan was very excited to be receiving the award.

“Jordan didn’t go to the BAFTA Awards ceremony because of a project that came up first but was very excited about the whole thing,” she said.

“Jordan has actually had two films that are making the rounds at the moment, one is ‘Transitioning under the Taliban’ and ‘Children of the Taliban’ and they’re both making a mark in the documentary world.

“It’s been a lot of hardwork, of course to be an overnight sensation is always full of background labour.”

Jordan originally grew up in Narrandera but first left home at only only 15 years of age for a year long exchange program in Japan.

Upon return from Japan, Jordan finished high school in Hurston and then attended UTS to study media, sound and photography.

Once finished the degree Jordan wasted no time in getting back to travelling the world, stopping first in Jordan before making the way to places to create social documentaries including Tibet, Japan, South America, Colombia and India.

Barbara said that Jordan was always an adventurous child and had always felt the pull of travelling to different countries.

“Jordan’s always been extremely adventurous and traveling the world doing social documentaries to try and put the stories of people who really need the help out there,” Barbara said.

“It’s just one adventure after another and so often, I don’t hear about what happens until we catch up and I get filled in on some details.

“A long time ago, Jordan said ‘I don’t consider myself only Australian, I’m a citizen of the world’, at the time we just thought that’s interesting but its so true.”

Jordan will be showcasing this latest documentary ‘Transitioning under the Taliban’ which will be having its first world premiere at the New York Film Festival in June.

Narrandera Argus 11 May 2023

This article appeared in the Narrandera Argus, 11 May 2023.

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