Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Have you had your say? Ag landholder survey on transmission infrastructure open: The Energy Charter

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The Energy Charter, 21 September 2022

As Australia moves towards a renewable energy future, a growing number of agricultural landholders are being approached to host electricity transmission infrastructure on their land.

The Energy Charter is collaborating with the ag sector and transmission businesses to co-design practical guidelines for co-existence between transmission infrastructure and agriculture. The guidelines will lay the foundations for individual energy businesses, and the energy sector collectively, to take practical action and deliver better outcomes on the ground.

Energy Charter signatories recognise that transmission development projects, as well as the maintenance of existing infrastructure, have the potential to impact the lives and livelihoods of agricultural landholders. They also understand that they have a responsibility to recognise and minimise these impacts and work towards agreeable outcomes for everyone.

Research to develop a deeper understanding of the ways electricity transmission infrastructure may impact on agricultural landholders, and identify opportunities for co-existence and shared value, has commenced. The insights from this research will be used to develop Better Practice Guidelines for Mutual Coexistence and Shared Value, to be released next year.

To have your say, complete the 15 minute survey for landholders hosting, living near, or impacted by proposed transmission infrastructure HERE. The survey will be open until 6 October 2022.

Landholder and community social licence research FAQ

The Energy Charter is a national CEO-led collaboration that supports the energy sector towards a customer-centric future. Its purpose is to deliver a more affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy system for all Australians in line with community expectations.



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