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Neuron’s e-scooters embraced by locals, boosting the economy and replacing car trips in Rockhampton, with riding area set to expand

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Neuron Mobility, Media Release, 24 June 2022

Leading e-scooter operator Neuron Mobility, has announced an expansion to its riding area in Rockhampton.

Neuron’s e-scooters will be available across more areas in Rockhampton, with riders able to travel from the City Centre out to suburbs including Berserker, Frenchville, Kawana and West Rockhampton.

The expanded service zone will support longer commutes from Rockhampton CBD to residential areas, as well as provide access to the popular Yaamba Road and Park Avenue shopping precincts.

Neuron’s expanded e-scooter riding area also brings a valuable connection for students and staff travelling to Central Queensland University.

Neuron’s e-scooters have been embraced by locals and tourists, racking up close to 200,000 kilometres since first launching in February 2022.

New rider research found that 98 per cent of users believe Neuron has created a positive impact for the city. The average trip length in the city is 2.4km and an impressive 54 per cent of all trips replaced a car journey.

The expanded riding area will see the service used even more, with 72 per cent of riders saying a larger riding area would encourage them to ride e-scooters more often.  

The expanded riding area is set to be welcomed by businesses located in the new zone, with the survey finding that 53 per cent of rides resulted in a purchase, providing a boost to the local economy. 19 per cent of trips wouldn’t have happened at all if the e-scooters weren’t available, meaning local businesses would have missed out on valuable sales. 

Greg Bowden, Executive Manager, Advance Rockhampton said:

“The introduction of E-scooters to the Rockhampton Regional Council area for a trial period is exceeding expectations just three months into the 12 month trial.”

“Council has been working closely with Neuron during this period and have seen a significant  uptake from our community to this alternative mode of transport.”

“The expansion of the riding area means that more people can use e-scooters to explore Rockhampton and support local businesses like cafes and restaurants, which will provide a boost for our local economy.”

“Council thanks Neuron for the hard work they have put into servicing our community and hopes that e-scooters can become a new transport mode for Rockhampton residents and visitors. It is great to be able to add new mobility options to our region.”

Richard Hannah, Head of ANZ, Neuron Mobility said:

“The people of Rockhampton have shown an overwhelming amount of positive feedback about our e-scooters, and we are delighted to be extending the existing e-scooter riding area, outside the city.” 

He continued: “E-scooters are a fantastic way to travel around the city and the new zone will further extend people’s range, allowing them to see more, do more and spend more. We thank the City of Rockhampton for their continued trust and support.”

Neuron is a company well known for its focus on safety. The company’s e-scooters are fitted with a range of cutting edge safety features.

These include an app controlled helmet lock that secures a safety helmet to the e-scooter between trips; and a topple detection feature that can detect if an e-scooter has been left on its side which then alerts an operations team to reposition it safely.

Other innovations include a 000 emergency button which can tell if someone has had a fall and helps the rider call the emergency services, Voice guidance to educate and warn riders of how to ride safely, and a ‘Follow My Ride’ function that allows riders to share their trip with friends and family in real time, for added safety and peace of mind.

Riders will be able to book and use the e-scooters through Neuron’s user friendly app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and set up in a matter of minutes. Standard single trips will cost $1 to unlock the e-scooter and 45 cents per minute thereafter.

More frequent users have the option to purchase Neuron Passes, allowing users to ride as many times as they want for up to 90 minutes per day for as little as $3.30 a day, with no additional unlocking fee. 


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