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Vandals’ senseless destruction of local speedway club

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Vandals have struck again, this time breaking into the Tennant Creek Speedway Club’s canteen and causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage by destroying doors and locks, smashing fridges, electrical boxes and bain maries and tipping bins over.

The damage has devastated speedway members, with long time member Karen Jones flabbergasted by the vandals’ actions.

The not for profit club survives on entry nominations and fundraising with some support by grants.

It also serves tourism in the town by hosting racing events which attract competitors from throughout the Territory and beyond.

The canteen was also run by the Tennant Creek Primary School as a fundraising project, and the Girl Guides organise the gates for a small donation.

“I can’t believe they made the effort to go out there to just destroy something,” said Karen.

“Do they think it’s fun to smash glass? I would like to know what they got out of it – there’s no cash or anything for them to steal, it’s just senseless destruction.”

Photos: Tennant & District Times

In true Territory style, help has come in the form of good samaritans from far and wide.

The Club has been offered financial aid in the form of donations of cash, fridges, bain maries and associated freight costs from local individuals and businesses.

“The generosity of the Alice Springs motorsports community and the Tennant Creek community has blown us away,” said Karen.

“We have replaced everything but all their help has brought us much closer to getting racing back on trackside.”

Tennant & District Times 1 July 2022

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 1 July 2022.


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