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Christmas Carols in Maldon

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Maldon carols
Nash, Chloe, Florence and Meghan looking at the Grade 4, 5, 6 artwork projected onto the Wool Stash building in Main Street. Photo: Tarrangower Times

The sun was still burning hot as the annual Christmas Carols began at 7pm last Saturday at the Bill Woodfull Reserve. Families watched with anticipation as the shadows across the oval became longer, bringing relief from the heat as they settled on the their picnic rugs to enjoy the festivities. 

Maldon carols
Nash loves the Christmas Carols. Photo: Tarrangower Times
Maldon Carols
Beautiful performance by this newly formed group. Photo: Tarrangower Times

Reverend Darcy, dressed in a colourful Christmas shirt, was the fun and playful MC for the night, eliciting help from the children to tell jokes, until he was scared off the stage by a horde of children ascending the stage steps.

Rev Darcy
Reverend Darcy Vaughan being mobbed by the children. Photo: Tarrangower Times
All smiles
All smiles at the Maldon Christmas Carols. Photo: Tarrangower Times

The Maldon Brass Band and local performers, the last to delight in the shadows, did a fantastic job performing all of the most loved carols.

As expected, Santa stole the show, delighting the patiently queued children with bags of lollies and icy-poles, with assistance from the Maldon Lions Club, who do a wonderful job hosting the annual event.

Santa at the carols
Emily and Nicholas were excited to meet Santa. Photo: Tarrangower Times
Tarrangower Times 24 December 2021

This article appeared in the Tarrangower Times, 24 December 2021.



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