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The Regional Venue Collective launches

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Nick Hanlon, Manager/ Producer, The Regional Venue Collective, 6 December 2021

Regional Venue Collective

At 11:11am on 1/12/21 the Regional Venue Collective was formally launched at a media event at the Byron Theatre.

The Regional Venue Collective is a co-operative approach to venue management between three venues, the Byron Theatre, The Regent in Murwillumbah and Star Court Theatre in Lismore in the adjoining Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Lismore Shire, Tweed Shire and Byron Shire.

The Regent
The Regent in Murwillumbah. Photo: Jay Penfold

The venues have come together to host nominated shows and tours and to incubate the creation of original works to tour the region and further afield. 

The three theatres, of similar size and heritage, have united under the banner of the Regional Venue Collective (RVC) for a program of tours for 2022 and beyond.

Star Court Theatre
Star Court Theatre, Lismore. Photo: Natsky

Featuring mutually supportive arrangements, combined branding and promotions and a collective aim to support each other, the idea is that by working together, rather than competing, the venues create a feedback loop that benefits the industry as a whole.

The RVC will tour and promote shows throughout the region and provide employment opportunities for artists, musicians, writers, technical wizards and visionaries.

Byron Theatre
Byron Theatre.

The RVC will also be presenting locally produced original works, creating a space to get shows up and touring. 

Where did the idea come from?

One of the priorities of the new owner of The Regent in Murwillumbah was to reach out to other local venues, to share tours and support each other.

This led to relationships and alliances being formed between venues that were of the same size in the neighbouring LGAs. It makes financial sense to offer an artist or an agent a three venue tour that covers the three LGAs that comprise the Northern Rivers region.

The RVC understands the nuances of the regional media – which can be difficult for unaccustomed outsiders to manage to their best advantage – and which is based on community relationships which we all have established. We promote from the ground up and understand our local communities.

By offering a media and promotional package across three venues and three LGAs, the RVC are an attractive addition to any national tour – a no-brainer if you like, just turn up and play, and oh, by the way, have a Margarita and dinner as well.

What do the three theatre proprietors say?

All three venues have embraced the collective support of each other and the potential it brings.


Allira Cornell, owner of The Regent says, “As a founding member, The Regent is excited to collaborate with the RVC, bringing outstanding performers to the Northern Rivers.”  

SJ Loxton and Sharon Rigby, owners of Star Court Theatre in Lismore added, ”Star Court Theatre is honoured to be working with both the Regent and Byron Theatre in bringing great shows to our region, it’s a very exciting venture and we’re looking forward to what the future holds.”

Tanja Greulich, Venue Manager of the Byron Theatre agrees, “We’re thrilled to be part of this new initiative that aims to bring exciting new and emerging talent to the region”. 

What shows are coming up so far?

We have already booked some amazing shows for 2022. 


The Regional Venue Collective are excited to announce their inaugural tour for 2022 – Wild Thyme, in January.

Wild Thyme
Wild Thyme


Lior and Domini ~ Animal In Hiding – album launch

Lior & Domini
Lior and Domini


For Sentimental Reasons – Pat Powell Sings Nat King Cole

Pat Powell


A yet to be announced new production starring local talent, currently in development with producer Nick Hanlon. The production has an incredible cast, and will be announced in May 2022 for a September tour. 


This is Us The Grigoryan Brothers

Lior and Domini and The Grigoryan Brothers manager Rueben Zylberszpic commented, “This initiative from the newly formed RVC is truly wonderful. Pooling resources and working collaboratively is something I believe will benefit all sectors of the performing arts industry, from venues, technicians, artists and ultimately audiences.” 

Grigoryan Brothers
The Grigoryan Brothers


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