Monday, November 28, 2022

Mixed farms sells for $16m

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Andrew and Andree Rowntree are have paid a figure reported to be between $15 million and $16 million for neighbouring south west slopes mixed farms Bowness and Willowmere.

The 1,392-hectare breeder aggregation is made up of 200 hectare Bowness and the 1,191-hectare Willowmere. It has been running 650 Angus cows plus progeny, and is watered by multiple creeks and watercourses and a large network of strategically placed dams.

Richie Inglis from Inglis Rural Property managed the sale.

The purchasers own and operate Windridge Pastoral and have three farms in the Young district totalling 5,100 hectares, and includes 1,000 head of cattle, 8,000 breeding ewes for meat and wool and a 4,000 sow piggery.



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