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Supporting investment in the Territory: New acreage release for gas exploration

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Nicole Manison, NT Minister for Mining and Industry, Media Release, 16 June 2021

The Territory Government is creating investment opportunities for the resources sector with today’s announcement of a new acreage release for onshore petroleum exploration.

Applications and submissions for an exploration permit are now invited over two areas in the southern Georgina Basin, on the Northern Territory/Queensland border.

Source : Geoscience Australia

Interested companies can now lodge a competitive bid process with the Territory Government.

The public is also invited to make submissions regarding the suitability of the area for petroleum activity.

The announcement is being made to industry representatives and major companies at the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) Oil and Gas Conference held in Perth this week.

A Territory Government delegation including the Minister for Mining and Industry, The Hon. Nicole Manison are at the conference to discuss the acreage release and other investment opportunities, with interested businesses attending the conference.

The area being released covers some of the most prospective areas of the southern part of the Georgina Basin, which is known for organic-rich shales and widespread documented oil and gas.

The total area is 30,780 square kilometres or 392 full and part blocks.

Previous exploration work over the area includes 2D seismic surveys and thirteen exploration wells, some of which have undergone hydraulic fracture stimulation and testing.

The competitive bid process is open from 16 June 2021 for a period of 5 months.

The Minister for Mining and Industry will consider the applications and submissions and determine what areas, if any, will be made available for the granting of an exploration permit application.

Quotes to be attributed to Minister for Mining and Industry, Nicole Manison

The Territory Labor Government are focused on securing investment opportunities for the Territory and creating more local jobs.”

“We are leading Australia’s economic recovery and taking an important step to drive more regional economic development.

“In April, we announced record funding of $9.5m for more mineral exploration to drive more mining development and create more jobs across the Territory, with the funding to be on going.

“Our message is clear, if you are looking for the next resource development, come to the Territory.”

More information about the acreage release, including maps of the area, are available at


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