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Military Rd a future Mitchell Fwy extension option

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In the long-term Mitchell Fwy could extend to the Military Rd and Indian Ocean Dr intersection in the Shire of Gingin, according to Main Roads WA.

Military Rd intersection
The extension of Mitchell Fwy to Military Rd is a long-term future planning option, according to Main Roads WA. Photo: Anita McInnes

Intersection upgrade information included in the Indian Ocean Dr (Yanchep to Lancelin) planning study lists the proposed Military Rd and Indian Ocean Dr intersection as “reduced access, no connection (Military Rd connecting south of Indian Ocean Dr to Wanneroo Rd)”, which could imply that as part of a future upgrade to the highway Main Roads WA is proposing to stop southbound traffic entering Indian Ocean Dr from Military Rd.

But Main Roads WA spokesman Dean Roberts said the reference to reduced access, no connection in regards to Military Rd on Indian Ocean Dr was based on the assumption that alternative connectivity would be provided via an extension of Mitchell Fwy.

“The extension of Mitchell Fwy to this location is a long-term future planning option,’’ he said.

The Main Roads traffic map shows 407 vehicles turning off Military Rd onto Indian Ocean Dr on January 15, 2019 – with 396 of them turning south onto Indian Ocean Dr.

“Main Roads recognises Military Rd as an important local link and the access it provides to the Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory.

“The agency will continue to monitor traffic volumes and access requirements throughout the planning study.’’

In Indian Ocean Dr planning study underway on May 26 Main Roads WA said it was important to note no funding was currently available for any construction works or land acquisition and the process was a planning study only.

The proposed treatment for the Gingin Brook Rd and Indian Ocean Dr intersection is an upgrade to a roundabout including realigning the eastern end of Caraban Rd south to tie-in with Gingin Brook Rd.

The planning study includes left in/left out proposals for the King Dr, Croot Pl and Seaview Dr intersections.

For the Wilbinga Rd intersection the planning study proposes relocating the T-intersection north to improve sightlines and safety.

For more information about the planning study including the intersection proposals visit (click ‘regional projects’ and then ‘future’).

This article was posted on Yanchep News Online on 17 June 2021.

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