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Beanie workshops return to Tennant

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Coming up to winter, there’s nothing that keeps your noggin warmer than the age-old favourite of a knitted beanie.

The ever-popular Alice Springs Festival, was one of the victims of the COVID-cancelled events in 2020, but it makes a successful return this year.

Beanie workshop
Head warmer: Siri Omberg was in town this week to teach locals how to create their own beanies, which will be displayed at the annual Alice Springs Festival in June. Photo: Tennant & District Times

Tutor Siri Omberg was in town this week building up the hype for the festival and brought the warmth to Tennant Creek by holding beanie-making workshops at the Paterson Street Hub to encourage more entries into the festival.

Siri unloaded an enormous amount of supplies for participants to use in their own unique creation along this year’s theme “Yarning Myths and Legends”, and there were plenty of people dropping in to give it a go – the students from Mungkarta School even made a special trip in to earn some felting skills and try to make a beanie.

With loads of colours to work with, lots of laughs and some new skills, the students had an interesting time, while making something to go on display at the end of June in Alice Springs.

Tennant and District Times 28 May 2021

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 28 May 2021.


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