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M.V. Albatross 1936-2021

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Ed Rourke, The Lord Howe Island Signal

Guests from flying boat
Guests from flying boat, Gerald Kirby (white shirt)

Recently, after several attempts to repair the keel on “Albatross” it was, sadly, decided to bring the boat ashore!

The Albatross was built in 1936 by Cecil Perry, who had just finished building a house and boat shed for Gerald Kirby – my father-in-law, who sadly, I never met.

Cecil Perry
Cecil Perry built Albatross in boatshed, 1936
Launching MV Albatross
Launching 1936
Albatross on rocks
Albatross on rocks, south of Cobby’s Corner, perhaps 1938

The albatross was a 30-foot open launch, with enclosed bow area.

The wheelhouse was added about 1960.

When the McFadyen and Rourke families came to the Island in 1968, the boat had been unused for several years.

Jim Dempsey restoring MV Albatross in 1978
Jim Dempsey restoring, 1978

A visiting MSB officer recommended a young recently qualified shipwright Jim Dempsey, who subsequently came to the Island with his wife, Kaye, and the Albatross was skilfully restored.

Launching after restoration 1978
Launching after restoration, 1978

The McFadyen and Rourke families have had approximately 50 years of enjoyment using the Albatross at sea and in the lagoon.

The Lord Howe Island Signal 31 March 2021

The boat is now resting at Pinetrees.

This article appeared in The Lord Howe Island Signal, 31 March 2021.


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