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Painting with sound at Eden Creek

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In his studio at Eden Creek, Brett Hamlyn turns “chords into a fully mastered product”.

The producer spent 15 years touring with bands and now at Deva Studios, he helps musicians develop their songs.

Wendy Ford and Brett Hamlyn
Chord cameraderie: Wendy Ford and Brett Hamlyn making music at Deva Studios at Eden Creek, near Kyogle.
Photo: Susanna Freymark.

“He’s the best,” singer songwriter Wendy Ford said. “He has a great sense of melody.”

When Brett hears the raw song, he knows instantly what it needs, and spends 20–40 hours arranging it.

“You’re painting with sound.”

Wendy met Brett at the Dolphin Music Awards 15 years ago.

She came to Deva Studio with “an acoustic guitar and a demo track”.

Wendy liked what Brett did with her music.

“He’d go to town and pull all the bells and whistles and add his own flavour,” she said.

Wendy’s crossover country rock with an ’80s pop feel drives itself, and she is back performing live since covid restrictions have eased.

Wendy started singing when she was four and playing live remains her favourite way to share her music.

“I’m a real time person – not a Zoom person.

“I need to connect. You’ve got to be present.”

In the studio overlooking the tree-covered slopes, Wendy and Brett create a new song.

From a few chords to a mastered CD, the magic of making music fills the studio and spills into the bushland.

See Wendy perform at the Casino RSM Club on Saturday.

Go to to find out more about working with Brett. Buy Wendy’s latest CD Good Medicine at Music Bazaar in Lismore or on Spotify. Follow her on Facebook at Wendy Joy Ford.

Richmond River Independent 17 March 2021

This article appeared in the Richmond River Independent, 17 March 2021.


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