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Learn how to make your home climate resilient with new workbook

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Mount Alexander Shire Council, Media Release, 25 March 2024

Mount Alexander Shire Council is proud to be one of the supporters of a new resource to help people learn how to make their home or property ready for extreme weather events.

Under changing climate conditions, extreme weather events such as fires, floods, storms and extreme temperatures are becoming more frequent and severe, increasing health and safety risks for households and damage to residential properties.

The Castlemaine Institute and Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance, in partnership with ADAPT Loddon Mallee, have developed the ‘Home Upgrades for Climate Resilience Workbook,’ a practical guide to help households assess how their home may perform in extreme weather events.

The workbook is designed to represent the types of homes most prevalent in Mount Alexander Shire, and has incorporated expert guidance from a range of government organisations, emergency services, community partners and households.

“This is a really useful guide that is locally relevant and informed by expert knowledge, research and community engagement,” said Cr Matthew Driscoll, Mount Alexander Shire Council’s Mayor.

“We know that many of us in regional Victoria have been affected by climate-related events, and that these are expected to get worse in the future.

“We also know that most houses built prior to 1991 in Central Victoria haven’t been designed or constructed to withstand extreme weather events under climate change.

“With that knowledge, we’ve got an opportunity now to make small and big changes (depending on your budget) to improve the resilience of homes and properties.

“These changes can also help households save money, and reduce the negative impacts of climate change on health and wellbeing.

“Well done to the Castlemaine Institute and the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance for their work in putting this fantastic resource together, and thanks to each of the contributing partners and funding bodies for their support.”

The workbook proposes actions and upgrades households can take, including many that are easy, low-cost and available to renters to make their home more resilient when extreme weather events occur. 

Loddon Mallee Public Health Unit’s Operations Manager, Emma Vains, said that research shows that climate change is among the biggest risks to public health in our region.

“Our role is to work with local organisations to build upon and expand their great work in responding to the challenge of climate change,” said Ms Vains.

“We are committed to supporting place-based initiatives in local communities that meets local needs.”

Community members are invited to the launch of the workbook:

  • When: Wednesday 10 April, 11.00am to 12.00pm
  • Where: Ray Bradfield Room in Victory Park, Castlemaine
  • Cost: Free

The launch event will have print copies of the workbook available, and also a range of representatives from Council, the workbook project team and partners.

To download your copy of the Home Upgrades for Climate Resilience Workbook, visit


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