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Wombats on the move

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Wombats are on the move around Hay, with continued sightings of the regionally rare marsupial exciting local enthusiasts.

These marsupials are typically native to southeastern Australia, and their presence in Hay has left many curious about their relatively sudden appearance. 

Two sightings have been reported in the region this year, the first at the property ‘Keiross’, 150 kilometres northwest of Hay.

This follows on from the wombat dubbed ‘Wally’ that was snapped at the Sidonia Road property of Darryl and Louise Hurst in September last year, as report by The Riverine Grazier.

These sightings raise questions about why these wombats are venturing so far from their typical habitats, but experts say environmental changes, such as alterations in vegetation, climate, or the availability of resources, might be prompting the animals to seek out new territories. 

“Wombats are known to travel considerable distances in search of suitable vegetation,” a local Landcare spokesperson said. 

“Additionally, the expansion of urban areas and agricultural practices might be encroaching on traditional wombat habitats, leading them to move closer to human settlements.”

“Wombats are highly adaptable creatures and some individuals may be successfully adjusting to the evolving landscape by exploring new regions. 

“The intricate relationship between wildlife and the changing environment is highlighted by this unexpected phenomenon. 

“It emphasises the importance of conservation efforts and sustainable development practices to maintain the delicate balance between human activities and the natural world.”

The Riverine Grazier 13 March 2024

This article appeared in The Riverine Grazier, 13 March 2024.


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