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“Disturbing the Peace” on Saturday

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The FReeZA in Buloke program “Music, Mates and Multiformity” enables young people from Buloke to plan, organise and attend quality art, recreation and live music events that are diverse, safe and accessible for all young people. 

The first FReeZA event in Buloke is “Disturbing the Peace” otherwise known as “DTP,” this Saturday night, February 10, at the Wyche-proof Race Course. The event will be a scribble party with two live DJs hosted by the Wycheproof Youth Group. 

The event is $25 including the bus, with buses leaving from all towns in the Buloke Shire. Young people need to make sure they have their name on the bus lists, by Wednesday, February 7, to secure their spot. Buses and the event are alcohol, drug and vape free.


The success of the FReeZA program in Buloke relies on young people from neighbouring towns supporting the host committee, made up of local young people by attending the events across the shire. 

Wycheproof Youth Group, under the leadership of President Keely Allan commenced planning for this event back in 2023, and is excited to be hosting the first event of 2024. Along with regular DJ “Cardiac Chaos” the group has secured “Scudda” which is the host of Australia’s number 1 dance radio show “The Hype”  with Griegz – a weekly nation-wide radio show which airs every Saturday night.


Funding from the Victorian Government the FReeZA program supports the young people to host these FReeZA events, but due to the high cost of bus transport, security and engaging entertainers and performers in Buloke, the local youth groups have to contribute $2000 of their own money to ensure the events can be kept to a minimum cost for all attendees.

To raise the funds, local youth groups organise fund-raising activities throughout the year, with a focus on providing activities that are engaging for young people. 

In preparation for “Disturbing the Peace,” the Wycheproof Youth Group worked with FReeZA co-ordinator Simone Christie to host a junior movie night, with games and a disco and a Christmas raffle, and they are using some accumulated funds from previous events.

Second event

The second event is a being hosted on Saturday, March 9, in conjunction with Heywire recipient Blake Lee and the Mali Heart Street Art Festival Committee. The event will incorporate a Battle of the Bands,  headline act Taylor Henderson and inflatable games like laser tag.

The FReeZA program in Buloke supports young people to develop a range of practical and leadership skills, from event management to logistics and risk assessment. In addition, the next generation of young musicians and emerging artists are provided with performance and training opportunities to expand their skills and experience.

Simone Christie, manager of the Buloke FReeZA program said, “The young people’s needs are becoming more complex and diverse and it is difficult to predict what events will be popular going forward. 

“Thus, it is imperative that young people get involved in their local youth groups and FReeZA committees to ensure there is entertainment and activities available in the local shire that engages them and connects them to other young people.

“It is also important that they support the young people in their shire who are putting their hand up to host events by going along, getting involved and adhering to the drug, alcohol and vape free ethos.” 

The Buloke Times 6 February 2024

This article appeared in The Buloke Times, 6 February 2024.


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