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L-R clockwise from top: Celebrate. Copper Coast Council communications officer Wade Zaglas gets into the spirit of the Australia Day celebrations.
Photo: Daniel Lascelles; Citizen of the Year. Margie Dodd was named as Stansbury’s 2024 Citizen of the Year for her commitment to the town, along with her work and positive contributions to numerous volunteer organisations over many years; Beach cricket. Having fun at North Beach, Wallaroo, playing beach cricket are the Hoskin family from Adelaide, Kayleb, Michael, Kayla, Ruby, Gavin, Justin and Michelle. Photo: Rod Penna

New citizens

From the top: BBQ. The Maitland Apex Club provided breakfast at the town’s morning Australia Day event thanks to volunteers Hamish Bubner, Keigan Elliott, Ben Bray, Adam Mumford, Simon May, Jason Larcombe and Peter Eckermann. Photo: Kelly Dyatt; New citizens. Copper Coast Council mayor Roslyn Talbot presents new Australian citizens Tanya, Isabel, Olivia and Sophia Lemley, Marrisa Rivera and Praphai Page with their certificates.

Yorke Peninsula Country Times 30 January 2024

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This article appeared in Yorke Peninsula Country Times, 30 January 2024.


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