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Large tree crushes car with five people inside

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In a sudden storm several trees fell down on the Summerland Way at Leeville at 1.30pm, Saturday December 16.

Emergency services were called to reports of a crash on the roadway near Crawford Road.

When the crews arrived they saw that a large fallen tree had crushed a car.

Four of the people in the car – 28, 22, 14, and two – weren’t injured and managed to get themselves out.

Police, SES, RFS and paramedics assisted the driver, 40, who was still trapped in the car. The man had minor injuries.

Casino Rescue Squad and Casino RFS crews searched the car and under the tree.

The Summerland Way was closed as rescue and fire crews assisted by local council workers have been slowly cutting away at the tree.

Another search was done to make sure no one else was trapped in the car or under the tree.

Paramedics transported a number of people to hospital for further treatment.

Emergency services are clearing the damaged vehicle and fallen trees.

The Summerland Way remains closed until the area is clear.

This article appeared on on 16 December 2023.


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