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New telehealth trolleys bring great benefits to WWHS’ aged care residents

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New telehealth trolleys, offering greater access to health professionals without the need for travel, have been rolled out across all West Wimmera Health Service’s ten residential aged care facilities.

Funded by the Western Victoria Primary Health Network, these trolleys are now being wheeled around our aged care facilities, providing residents with high quality telehealth consultations with specialists such as psychologists, cardiologists, geriatricians, psychiatrists, urologists, palliative care supports and dementia support in Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong and Adelaide.

The equipment has been specifically chosen for its enhanced sound, video and experience for users on both ends of the video calls, with the trolley being fully adjustable to suit the resident’s position (sitting, standing, reclined) and offer greater comfort.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer quality access to specialists without the stress, burden, costs and discomforts of travelling long distances—for sometimes 15-minute consultations— which puts strain on non-urgent patient transport services, friends and families,” Ritchie Dodds, Chief Executive Officer, West Wimmera Health Service said.

“We’ve found that even residents who usually prefer face-to-face consults have agreed that the benefits of not having to travel far outweighs their desire for face-to-face appointments.

“Residents have also reported how great it is to have telehealth consults in the comfort and privacy of their own room.

“We hope that as residents and their families become more comfortable using the equipment, they will feel more empowered to embrace the opportunity of having more choice in doctors, specialists and care providers.” 

Nhill Free Press & Kaniva Times 22 November 2023

This article appeared in the Nhill Free Press & Kaniva Times, 22 November 2023.


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