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Truck drivers urged to slow down on gravel roads

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City of Greater Geraldton, Media Release, 18 October 2023

With the 2023 harvest now underway truck drivers are being urged to slow down to 70km/h to help preserve the condition of unsealed rural roads in the Midwest.

Corrugations, or washboard effect, caused by acceleration and deceleration pose the greatest risk to drivers and their vehicles.

City of Greater Geraldton CEO Ross McKim said trucks slowing down would make a huge difference to safety on the roads and future road conditions.

“The condition of the road affects all drivers out on our rural roads, especially truck drivers running businesses,” he said.

“Roads in good condition not only reduce the wear and tear on vehicles they also increase the overall safety of road users.

“Slowing down and travelling a maximum of 70km/h will help our unsealed roads remain in good condition longer.”

Last financial year, the City spent nearly $2.2 million on maintenance of the unsealed road network.

This financial year, the City has allocated more than $8 million towards renewing over 56kms of unsealed roads, 17kms of sealed roads and 50kms of road swales and shoulders.

To report unsafe road conditions, contact the City on 9956 6600 or email


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