Friday, September 29, 2023

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The Unit Two Agriculture and Horticulture students as well as the Years Nine and Ten Geography class attended the Agsmart expo in Bendigo on Thursday, September 8, 2023.

The expo highlighted the newer technologies available and currently being developed in the Agricultural and Horticultural space.

The students wandered amongst the stall holders asking questions and gathering information on such things as ear tags that monitor animal health, virtual fencing, drone technology, “Weed It” technologies as well as a harvester attachment used in the wine industry that delivers a pure grape sample for wine makers. The students also increased their knowledge of sustainability and challenges faced by agricultural and horticultural industries.

Students listened to start up companies that pitched their idea to an assembled crowd seeking funding to begin, or further production. The ideas heard included, onfarm storage built from shipping containers, removing water from milk on-farm to reduce transport costs, as well as further development of an ear tag to monitor animal health and movement.

BCG Expo

The Unit Two Agriculture and Horticulture class attended an excellent day at the BCG main trial site. The day organised by the North Central LLEN in association with the Birchip Cropping Group enabled participants to listen to excellent speakers on a range of topics. Students listened to the feedback given by industry experts on diseases in barley and wheat as well as what Canola varieties are suited to the Mallee.

Students listened to a panel of young people involved in the agricultural industry, explain their pathways, and plans for the future.

Japan Trip

During the holidays, 18 Birchip P-12 School students and three accompanying teachers will head to Japan for an amazing in-country experience for two weeks. They will see the sights and delights of Japan as they visit Tokyo (5 days), Kyoto and Osaka (3 days) and Hiroshima (3 days). The travelling party will visit traditional temples and shrines, see the latest in Japanese technology, visit department stores, participate in cultural activities, use different forms of public transport, eat a range of delicious food, enjoy a trip to Disneyland, head to a game of baseball and attend a Japanese school for a day.

This trip will enable students to immerse themselves in the culture and society of Japan as they increase their understanding and awareness of the people and country. We look forward to hearing their stories upon return.

The Buloke Times 15 September 2023

This article appeared in The Buloke Times, 15 September 2023.


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