Friday, September 29, 2023

The Big Banana is on a gold coin

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In July 2022, The Big Banana received an email from the Royal Australian Mint about exploring the unique opportunity for The Big Banana to be featured on an Australian legal tender coin as part of a collection of ten coins celebrating iconic ‘big’ monuments across Australia.

The collection was planned to be made available as part of a nationwide collectable coin program, providing the Australian public with access to these coins through their change.

Confidentiality agreements were signed, the design process began and after many months we are pleased to announce that the coin collection is now available, and Coffs Harbour is officially being celebrated for the first time ever on a $1 collectable coin thanks to Australia Post.

From last week, Australia Post will have limited edition $1 coin and stamp collections available to buy at your local post office or online. The collectable coins are paying homage to 10 of Australia’s Big Things and The Big Banana will have its very own coin.

Celebrating the weird and wonderful Big Things found across Australia, enthusiasts can collect 10 different coins, each celebrating one of our Aussie Big Things. There’s Western Australia’s Giant Ram, while South Australia boasts The Big Lobster and Northern Territory’s The Big Jumping Crocodile. Heading east Queensland’s, The Big Pineapple and The Big Banana of New South Wales make a tasty fruit salad, then travelling south, there’s The Big Blue Heeler of New South Wales, Canberra’s Big Swoop, Victoria’s Giant Koala and Giant Murray Cod, and The Big Tasmanian Devil on our island state of Tasmania.

Available now through the following channels:

  • Australia Post online shop
  • Participating Post Offices
  • Royal Australian Mint Call Centre
  • Royal Australian Mint Coin Shop
Clarence Valley Independent 13 September 2023

This article appeared in the Clarence Valley Independent, 13 September 2023.


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