Monday, June 17, 2024

Sawlogs for firewood – Minister Jarvis responds

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The Hon. Jackie Jarvis MLC, Minister for Agriculture and Food (WA) provided this statement to Australian Rural & Regional News in response to the article, Firewood panic – Jarvis’s order leads to double standards: Gavin Butcher.

“Following this historic decision to end native forest logging, the Cook Labor Government committed to an $80 million Native Forest Transition Plan that included industry restructure payments of over $22 million made to 24 individual businesses – including sawmills.

“For contracted customers who did not receive an Industry Restructure payment, the Forest Products Commission continues to meet all contractual obligations to deliver both firewood and sawlogs up until the end of this year; or until a deed of agreement to receive an Industry Restructure Payment is executed.

“The Deed of Agreement was negotiated by Forest Industries Federation Western Australia.”


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