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Roger that, instant home two years after house fire

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Roger bought a house in Mallanganee in 2003.

Two years ago, the house was burned to the ground.

Roger was at his daughter’s unit in Lismore because of covid lockdown at the time of the fire.

While investigations on the cause of the fire continue, Roger said he has been homeless since the fire.

That changed with the delivery of a self contained small house costing about $77,000. The house has a kitchenette, shower and basin and somewhere to sleep.

Roger is “stoked” about the help he is getting from his mates to make the small house a home.

His neighbour Barry and friend Scott and some other mates are preparing the house for the site and will help to connect the power and septic.

“People are coming to my aid,” Roger said.

“Once it’s up on stumps. I’ll move in.”

Roger was born at Theresa Creek and Mallanganee Pub was the closest pub, so he has had ties to Mallanganee all his life.

He can’t wait to have a home again.

“I’m going to turn my place into a permaculture garden,” he said.

This article appeared on on 16 July 2023.


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