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New flower species named to honour nearly 30 years of conservation work: DBCA

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Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Media Release, 9 May 2023

A gorgeous new flower has been named in honour of DBCA Midwest Flora Conservation Officer Alanna Chant. 

The striking red bloom occurs only in a handful of areas in WA’s Midwest (Mullewa, Morawa, Canna).

Its name, Darwinia chantiae, honours Alanna’s three decades of flora conservation work. 

Alanna began working for the Department’s Midwest Region in early 1994. She spent several years working for the department in the south west forests, mostly working in a dieback role, as well as with some fire responsibilities. She returned to the Midwest in early 2000 and has since worked in Flora Conservation and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Alanna says her role is not just a job, but a passion. And even after so long in the field, she still gets excited about how much remains to be discovered and explored.


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